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Metabolic Chaos Workout – What Is It?

Metabolic Chaos Workout – What Is It?

You’ll burn more kilojoules doing this old school 10-minute circuit than by jogging for an hour.

Perform each move for 15 seconds, rest for 15.

Complete the sequences 3 times.

#1 – Star Jump

Stand, arms at your sides, feet together. Jump and spread.

#2 – Running On The Spot

Go hard, bringing your knees up high like a sprinter and pumping your arms. Optional: finish with a Lightening Bolt.

#3 – Skipping

Aim for speed.

#4 – Ups and Downs

Sit cross-legged on the floor. Now get to your feet. Now do it faster.

#5 – Walk/Run

Go in one direction for 30 seconds and then come back. Done.


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